India Care Collective

Helping families with wage loss situations by ensuring 100% trace-ability of the funds donated


Phase 1 ( 24th March - 15th April )

Total impacted Beneficiaries: 1314

Total Funds Contributed : INR 34,36,333

Phase 2 ( 16th April - Present )

Total impacted Beneficiaries: 1958

Total Funds Contributed : INR 33,79,500


He is an auto-driver by profession. He is the sole bread-earner of the family of 3. Has been out of work for a few days now and has to payi EMIs for his auto. We transferred 3K to buy him basics immediately.

Nepal Nath - Auto Driver , Gurugram

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India Care Collective at a Glance

India Care Collective, a COVID-19 relief effort, is a group of citizens with a proven background of social service, who are working together to help families impacted because of wage loss situations arising due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is an initiative to help those who lost their job or are facing wage loss due to a coronavirus pandemic with an amount of ~INR 2,500 on a monthly basis for food and other basic requirements.


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