Process and SOP

The initiative is ‘pan-India’, wishes to ‘care’ for those impacted and is a ‘collective’ or a cooperative made up of citizens who are doing this in their spare time. We don’t charge the donors for our time or effort.

  • We reach out to donors and ask them to NOT donate to us but commit an amount if we could assure them of the authenticity of the beneficiaries 

  • Through a large network of NGOs, citizens, govt officials, we register beneficiaries asking for personal references. 

  • Two-level checks happen - The referring person certifies that s/he knows the beneficiary personally and that the person needs support. Our team calls the referee and also the beneficiary to verify the requirement.

  • Once satisfied, we prepare a small note containing the name of the beneficiary, her life story, how much support is required and bank details. 

  • This note is sent to the donor to make a direct transfer to beneficiaries. 

  • Although this is a effort intensive operation, there are three advantages to donors- 

    • Zero overhead costs. Every single pie goes to beneficiaries

    • No trust deficit with a middleman. We don’t ask you to transfer funds to us so you know there is no opportunity for anyone to misuse the funds

  • Donors and Beneficiaries get to know each other personally and build a lasting relationship where further transfers happen between them without needing us.


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