Why is this initiative required?

The crisis has already transformed into an economic and labor market shock, impacting not only supply ( production of goods and services ) but also demand ( consumption and investment ). Initial ILO estimates point out to a significant rise in underemployment as well which is likely to translate to a significant downward adjustment to wages and working hours. Households that are dependent on daily wages are facing an unprecedented economic crisis. Know more...

How would you identify and verify Beneficiaries?

  • The identity of the person who is recommending such cases will be captured. The cases undertaken have to be those who the recommend-er knows personally or has spoken with. Self recommendations are not encouraged.

  • The team will be contacting both beneficiaries and recommenders to establish authenticity and avoid false positives.

    • We will rely on reference-based beneficiary identification as a primary tool. Because of repeated beneficiaries and false positives, we may go wrong 10-20% of times but this is to ensure all needy get the help.

I would like to contribute. How do I go about it?

  • Why should we trust you?

    • We will not ask for funds from you. We will identify and verify beneficiaries and send you their entire story, contact details and how to transfer funds directly thru google pay/PayTM/Bank UPI transfer etc. This way, you know where your money was spent.

  • Will I get tax exemption?

    • Because there is no NGO involved, you will not get 80G exemption. Most donors are telling us that they don't care much about 80G at this stage. But if you really do want 80G, we will send you the details of an NGO where you could get 80g

  • How will this help me ?

    • In addition to earning some good karma points, what better way to galvanize the community than bringing it together in the times of crisis.

  • Can I make a one-time donation ?

    • Yes, you are welcome to but many people are likely going to need support for 3 months.

  • I know you want me to transfer the funds directly to beneficiaries but I may not have the bandwidth to do that. I trust your work. Is there a way out?

    • ​In rare cases when the donors insist that they do not want to transfer funds to beneficiaries themselves, we have an organization that can collect their funds, utilizes in the same manner as above. The details are provided on a case to case basis. However, note we do not prefer this route.

  • Why don’t we just provide beneficiaries with food (perhaps partnering with Akshaya Patra and other NGOs)?

    • As we are in the second stage of this pandemic, doing anything in the community setting is not a good idea.


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