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Hemlata from Kalyanpuri Slum in Delhi needs your help

Hemlata lives in Kalyan Puri slum in Delhi. She is pursuing her 12th standard from open school. Her mother works as a domestic help in households around her area. Her elder brother is an alcoholic and her younger sister is pursuing 10th standard from open school. She lost her father just a few days back, on 25th March. He was already ill and had not been working. Both the sisters used to take care of their father and hence couldn’t continue with their regular school. On 25th March he complained of massive pain in his stomach and was rushed to Max Hospital in Indraprastha. There he got an injection but collapsed immediately. Their family was promised that there won’t be any ambulance charges but they charged them INR 1000 for dropping the body back to their home. On top of this, whatever little savings they had, they were all used in his cremation. Her mother is the only earning member and currently, there is no assurance of getting payments from her employers due to this lockdown. There is a combination of sadness due to loss of her father and uncertainty that lingers in their household now, in these grave times. But in such tough times also, there is a ray of hope. People helping people is the most beautiful thing, which is very evident from all the help we are getting for such families. Social distancing might have pulled people apart physically, but it brought us closer heart to heart. There is increasing humanity and empathy that we see all around and a perfect example of this is all the help we are getting for people like Hemlata.

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