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Rajneet Kumar, Rickshaw puller from Delhi needs your help

Ranjeet Kumar’s plight in these tough times has been deplorable. He is a Rickshaw puller living in Delhi. He sends all his savings to his family back in his village.

Just like every month, he sent his savings to his family and within a few days the lockdown was announced. He barely had any money left with him to survive and started living on the road. His leg was also injured. When one of his friends, Eid Mohammad, learnt about his situation, he invited Ranjeet to stay with him in his home. Eid Mohammad is a daily wage labourer whose condition is no better than Ranjeet, but still he felt so bad for his friend that without thinking about his own meagre resources which he will have to share now, he asked Ranjeet to stay with him.

When one of our team mates reached out to Eid and asked if he also needed money along with Ranjeet, he said,” Madam aap usko dedo abhi paise, usko zyaada zaroorat hai. Main toh abhi kuch din aur guzaara kar lunga”. This shows the enormous love and compassion Eid has for his friend. In such tough times where the question is of survival, there are people who are so much concerned about each other irrespective of their religion and financial condition.

This is what we need to see, the ‘humanity’ that has brought out the best in people in these difficult times.

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