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Ramesh needs your help.

Ramesh hails from Andhra Pradesh and is a transgender suffering from HIV.

He left his home long back because his parents did not accept him. He moved to Hyderabad. He has done his schooling and completed his degree college but won’t get any job, because of his mixed gender. He says, “people mock me, make fun of me.. I can see their eyes and tell that they would never accept me. I have tried searching for jobs but everyone just ridicules me”. Even his school and college days were not easy. He figured that he had no option left except begging. He stays alone. He goes to the Government hospital for getting treatment for his HIV positive condition, as he can’t afford private hospitals. Due to this lockdown, he cannot go out. He can’t beg and his trips to the hospital have also been hampered. He says, “ Much before the lockdown, I was advised by the doctors to stay home, because in my case my immunity is very low. Stepping out is too risky for me”. He made some friends with other transgender people so they provide him some emotional support. He said that he had applied to a Govt. scheme where he is eligible for receiving some amount of pension, but the money has not been released even once. This coronavirus crisis has added to his pile of miseries.

This community has been worst hit by the lockdown. Ramesh, being a graduate, has to beg on the roads because our society is not very welcoming to the transgenders. Since their only source of livelihood is begging, they are stuck. They cannot go out and there are no people on roads to beg from. They are badly stuck and are one of the most needy communities as on date for alms and help.


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