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Single Mom Nasim needs your help

Nasim is a single mother and the only earning member in a family of 5 members. She has 4 children- 2 daughters and 2 sons.

Her elder son in mentally unstable and hence cannot work and contribute towards family income. One of her daughters is suffering from ill health. She has got an infection which results in acute pain in her stomach. Her medicines alone cost INR 1800-2000 per month.

The doctor said she cannot miss any dosage otherwise her condition might worsen. Nasim works as a domestic help but since the lockdown, she has no source of earning.

There is already shortage of money for buying ration for her family and her daughter’s illness has added to the miseries of this family. She says she can still manage to buy wheat through her ration card but she cannot afford to buy medicines for her daughter which is very worrisome.


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